• Central Jersey Airport

    Central Jersey Airport formerly known as Kupper Airport.

    We are a privately owned, public use airport in Somerset County, New Jersey, located in Hillsborough Township. A full range of services such as 100LL Avgas 24hr self serve, flight school, maintenance and aircraft services are available on-site. The strategic location of the airport brings you all the vital conveniences required to serve the New Jersey-New York Metropolitan area. We are fully dedicated to make recreational or business aviation a pleasant and safe environment. We look forward to your visit.

  • Airport Transportation

    Car Rentals: Rent a car
    Limo Rentals: Rent a limo
    Train Service: Travel by train
    Taxi Service: Travel by taxi
    Bus Service: Travel by bus
  • Airport Fuel

    Fuel Available:

    100LL / $5.60/gal

    Fuel Service: Self-serve available 24 hours, 7 days a week
    Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Multi Service, Avcard and Phillips 66
    Competitive Fuel Prices: Get Local Fuel Prices (Airport: 47N)
  • Airport Services

    Landing/Parking: No Landing Fee
    No Overnight Hanger Parking
    Fuel Available: 100LL Self-serve
    Call (877) 828-CJAS (2527) Option 1
    Parking: Hangars & Tie-downs
    Call (908) 963-7272
    Airframe Service: NONE
    Powerplant Service: NONE
    Bottled Oxygen: NONE
    Bulk Oxygen: NONE
  • Airport Runway Information

      Runway 7, Runway 25
    Dimensions: 3510 x 50 ft. / 1070 x 15 m
    3,500 ft. Runway
    Paved Overrun AER
    Surface: Asphalt, in good condition
    Weight bearing capacity: Single wheel 30.0
    Runway edge lights: Low intensity

      Runway 7 Runway 25
    Latitude: 40-31.305168N 40-31.627603N
    Longitude: 074-36.211863W 074-35.583043W
    Elevation: 85.4 ft. 63.6 ft.
    Gradient: 0.6% DOWN 0.6% UP
    Traffic pattern: left left
    Runway heading: 069 magnetic, 056 true 249 magnetic, 236 true
    Displaced threshold: 580 ft. 265 ft.
    Markings: nonprecision, in good condition basic, in good condition
    Visual slope indicator: 2-light PAPI on left (3.40 degrees glide path) 2-light PAPI on left (3.30 degrees glide path)
    VGSI & descent angles not coincident
    Touchdown point: yes, no lights yes, no lights
    Obstructions: 23 ft. rr, 200 ft. from runway 31 ft. trees, 558 ft. from runway, 11:1 slope to clear
    +42 ft. tree, 128 ft. FM RWY END, 220
  • Airport Communication (47N)

    CTAF/Unicom: 122.7  
    WX ASOS at SMQ (7nm NW): 120.6 (908) 722-2139
    WX AWOS-3 at LDJ (17nm E): 124.025 (908) 862-7383
    WX ASOS at TTN (18nm SW): 126.77 (609) 538-8690
    WX AWOS-3 MMU (18nm NE):   (973) 290-0135
    NEW YORK APPROACH: 132.8  
    IFR Clearance Delivery: New York APCH
    (800) 645-3206
    (516) 542-3683
    On Field Automatic Weather System: 3 clicks on 122.7 (908) 526-6400

    Notams & Current TFR’s

  • Airport Operations

    Airport use: Open to the public
    Activation date: 05/1948
    Sectional Chart: NEW YORK
    Control tower: no
    NOTAMS facility: MIV (NOTAM-D service available)
    Attendance: 0800-DUSK
    Pattern altitude: 1,100 ft. MSL
    Wind indicator: lighted
    Segmented circle: no
    Lights: DUSK-DAWN
    Beacon: is standard
    • 1034 Millstone River Rd

    • Hillsborough

    • NJ

    • 08844

    • United States

    • 877-828-2527

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  • Avgas 100LL Self Serve 24/7 | Hangars & Tie-downs | Flight School | Aircraft Maintenance | Central Jersey Airport 47N

  • Providing a full range of services such as Avgas 100LL 24hr self serve, flight school and aircraft maintenance on-site. Serving the NJ & NY metropolitan area.